Key Account Management (KAM)

Master Key account management (KAM) to define the relationship between your business and the customers you are selling to. Create long everlasting business relationship like sales people do!


This course is designed to transform participants into business advisors and high yielding and profit-generating relationship managers whom clients rely on and companies value. The course shows participants how to build long-term, value-based relationships with large accounts, penetrate them for additional business, and maximize the revenue they generate while reducing the time and costs of managing them. The course also provides a strong focus on quantitative approaches to account qualification and account planning best practices.


Course Objectives of Key Account Management (KAM)


Key Account Management (KAM) Course Outlines

Day 1

Key Account Management (KAM) defined

Day 2

Account analysis: defining and selecting KA

Day 3

Key account relational development model

Day 4

The Key Account Planning process (KAP)

Day 5

The critical role of key account managers


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