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Our services:

Professional Training Programmes outside your country

To make the most out of our training programmes, we try to involve all your senses. This dictate using applicable knowledge through some mini-workshops and learning activities. We also design our programmes to be competency-based.

What is competency? It’s the combination of Skill, Knowledge and Behaviour; one component on its own is not enough. We focus on building specific competencies leading to high performance.

Our most preferred training tools among our clients are the field visits we can manage for our programmes..

In every training programme, we offer:

  • Mini-workshops – How to apply it to your work; what works and doesn’t? And Why?
  • Best Practices and latest updates
  • Case studies, success stories as well as failure stories
  • Modern application through IT, software programmes and/or mobile applications
  • Share top and recent 3 book titles in this field

At the end of each training programme, you will have:

  • Two copies of the course certificate
  • Online QR code for certificate verification
  • Training kit that includes printed copy of the training material, soft copy in flash pen, note book, a pen, and business card holder.

Course Logistics

  • Excellent training venue
  • Daily coffee breaks
  • Airport pickup to welcome you

In-house Consulting & Training

Request an in-house Proposal

A - Status Report

We perform 360-degree organizational evolution. We assess and approach your major departments with the biggest headcounts. Such a report can help you identify and formalize your top issues and explore some solutions afterwards. This service doesn’t take a lot of your time. It will be hard work for us to give you what you need within less than one business week.

B - Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis

For our HR/Training, we prepare practical toolkit to be implemented in your organization. The objective of this tool kit is to identify and develop the best needs assessment tool. You can use this tool for yourselves over online and ongoing coaching. Or we can come and do it for you and save you time and efforts. The final result of this assessment should be an annual training plan for your organization.

C - Business Solutions

In many cases, training and workshop is not the only solution for your organization. This is why we expand our services to touch upon your policies, processes, and procedures. Our business consultants have got great experience in consulting only not training. They have hands-on in proposing a solution and implementing it rather than suggesting to you training solutions only.

D - In-house Customized Training

We insist on initial Training Needs Assessment (TNA), before we start offering you any solutions.Such initial TNA is offered as zero-cost to our clients because we care about offering them the right solution.

Again, we do focus on addressing and building capacities of the staff. Having specific deliverables to our in-house training programmes makes our impact clear and steady with our clients.