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If you are looking for an internal online learning solution for your organization, Blackbird & Bookboon can help you do that very quickly.

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Welcome To BlackBird


There are many libraries in the market with too many thousands content books! Blackbird library is something else. Why? Because we only put quality content books. It’s easy to write a long letter; it’s hard to write a concise one. It takes efforts to make things easy for others to comprehend. Our quality books are bite-size books.

Blackbird Training is the strategic partner for Bookboon e-library. We are in charge of translating books into Arabic. We also transform some of their books into a trainable training courses for our clients. In this sense, we offer the experience & the knowledge of the writer side-by-side the experience and the knowledge of the trainer.

Book Categories

Quality books is what we put in BLACKBIRD Library. Most of our book comes from our strategic partner, Bookboon Learning in Germany.

Management & Strategy

Develop your strategy that fits your organization

Marketing & Sales

Learn more about marketing, content marketing and sales for different sectors

Accounting & Finance

Develop skills as a manager, supervisor or leader. Every one of those positions needs to know something about that.

IT Management

Learn something practical about IT management and IT itself

Career Management

What’s in it for you? You should learn how to develop yourself and career in the right direction

Communication & Presentation

They are inevitable skills for any successful manager, supervisor or leader. Do yourself a favor and master those skills.

BlackBird Training Center

Staff Picks

Reading comes before training and after. Reading is the attribute of any civilized nation or organization. Training & reading make a learning organization in the current times.