Training Course: The Contracts & Project Management MBA

Explore the Critical Aspects of Contract & Project Management!

REF: PM321477

DATES: 9 - 20 Oct 2023

CITY: Berlin (Germany)

FEE: 6600 £

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World-class organisations understand well the benefits of lower total cost and higher productivity resulting from mastering best practices in the important phases of project and contract management. With a focus on the best practices for processes, methods, and techniques, this Contracts & Project Management MBA training Course will make a great contribution to the skill sets of those involved in contracts and projects.


Training Objectives of The Contracts & Project Management MBA 

  • Dealing with volatile Materials Pricing
  • Discussing the importance of planning and how to manage the Planning Process
  • Learning about Contract Types and how they Transfer Risk
  • Defining and how to take Massive Action
  • Exploring the various Pricing Models used in preparing Proposals
  • Methods of how to keep the Team focused on the Delivery Goal
  • Developing Negotiation Skillsets to gain the Organisation’s Objectives
  • How to Set Up and Operate Disciplines required to Monitor and Control Projects?
  • Understanding Important Aspects of Contractor Price and Cost Analysis


The Contracts & Project Management MBA Training Outlines


Day 1

The fundamentals of project management

  • Key Definitions in Project Management
  • The Project Life-Cycle
  • Project Complexity Factors
  • Project Strategizing and Managing Triple Constraint
  • Project Context & Environment
  • Key Financial Concepts

Day 2

Project planning and organising

  • The 20 Project Management Sequence Steps
  • Defining Project Scope and Developing Work & Cost Breakdown Structures
  • Project Management Roles & Responsibilities
  • Project Planning Inputs, Tools & Techniques
  • Project Estimating Techniques
  • Project Scheduling Methods

Day 3

Implementing, executing and controlling projects

  • Project Implementation & Resource Management
  • Developing Project Control Systems
  • Keeping Projects On-Track & Controlling Change
  • Project Performance Measurement & Key Performance Indicators
  • Earned Value Management
  • Project Progress Measurement from Initiation to Handover

Day 4

Project risk management

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Identification
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response Planning & Implementing
  • Controlling Project Risks

Day 5

Project leadership and stakeholder management

  • Understanding Leadership & Management
  • Working in Project Teams
  • The Team Development Cycle
  • Keys to Effective Influence & Persuasion
  • Improving Communication, Delegation & Motivating Skills
  • Managing Stakeholders & Stakeholder Expectations

Day 6

Good contracting and procurement practice

  • Elements of a Good Contracting and Procurement Process
  • Cost and Pricing
  • Cost Analysis
  • Allocating Overheads
  • What is a Fair Profit
  • Pricing Models

Day 7

Contract types and payments

  • Managing Contract Risk
  • Contract Risk Sharing Continuum
  • Implications of Contract Types
  • Fixed Price and Cost-Reimbursement Contracts
  • Innovative Contract Types
  • Economic Price Adjustment Clauses
  • Invoices and Payments

Day 8

Source selection and contract development

  • Processes for Source Qualification
  • Developing Pre-qualification and Tendering Criteria
  • Rules for Drafting the Contract
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Forming the Contract
  • Use of Performance based Contracting

Day 9

Contract negotiations

  • Role of Negotiation
  • Negotiation — What Is It?
  • Characteristics of a Good Negotiator
  • Essential Rules of Negotiation, Part 1 - A Quote is Never a Concrete Number
  • Essential Rules of Negotiation, Part 2 - The Best Prepared Wins
  • Essential Rules of Negotiation, Part 3 - Have Many Issues and a BATNA
  • Negotiation Tactics

Day 10

Contract administration and closeout

  • Post Award Functions - Overview and Responsibilities
  • Contract Administration Duties
  • Scope of Work Variations
  • Force Majeure
  • Termination
  • Contract Close-Out

Training Course: The Contracts & Project Management MBA

Explore the Critical Aspects of Contract & Project Management!

REF: PM321477

DATES: 9 - 20 Oct 2023

CITY: Berlin (Germany)

FEE: 6600 £

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