Advanced Financial Statements Analysis & Forecasting

Review and analyse your financial statements to make better economic decisions and earn more income in future!


In today’s world, finance professionals are challenged by providing management with a detailed analysis of the impact of the organization's financial decisions. Therefore, finance professionals need to be skilled at reading through the numbers on the financial statements, analyzing the figures, interpreting the various ratios, and presenting this analysis in a dynamic manner. This course takes you from the first step of understanding the relationships between the different elements of financial statements, through the process of calculating and analyzing the financial ratios, to the last step of presenting recommendations. While applying Excel tools and techniques, various real-life examples of published financial statements will be used throughout the course.


Training Objectives of advanced Financial Statements Analysis & Forecasting


Advanced Financial Statements Analysis & Forecasting Training Outlines

Day 1

Required components of financial statement analysis

Financial reporting standards

Day 2

An inside look at financial statements

Day 3

Mechanisms of financial analysis techniques

Day 4

Boosting efficiency in your department

Day 5

Financial forecasting techniques for analysts

Balance sheet forecasting

Cash flow statement forecasting


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