BlackBird - Treasury & Cash Management for Professionals in Tokyo (Japan)

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Treasury management is the management of an organization’s collection, concentration, disbursement, investment and funding activities as well as the process of dealing with financial risk issues. The very first function of treasury management is cash management which is the corporate process of collecting and managing cash as well as the use of cash for short-term investing. This makes cash management a key component of a company's financial stability and solvency.

This course provides professionals with an overview of the modern role and practices of treasurers in cash management, cash forecasting, treasury funding and investing. In addition, this course discusses the application of the latest technologies to cash management while abiding by a certain set of policies and procedures.


Course Objectives of Treasury and Cash Management for Professionals


Course Outlines of Treasury and Cash Management for Professionals


Introduction to the treasury function


Cash and liquidity management


Cash flow forecasting


Treasury funding and investing


Treasury policies and procedures


Technology in treasury operations


E-commerce and treasury


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