BlackBird - The Complete Programme of Health & Safety Management & Measurement

Learn everything you need about health and safety (management & measurement)

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Who is responsible for health and safety in your organization? Who should be held accountable to meet legal obligations in safety requirements? Through this course, it will be apparent that workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. Moreover, a thorough review of common hazards, as well as root causes of accidents and incidents, will allow participants to be armed with various tools to help them create, follow, and more importantly, implement the standards of health and safety.


Course Objectives of Health & Safety Management & Measurement


Course Outline of Health & Safety Management & Measurement

Day 1

Definitions and overview

Day 2

Industrial hygiene

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and safety audit

Day 3

Accidents investigation, reporting, and prevention

Day 4

Management of health and safety

Proper behavior in case of an accident

Day 5

Ergonomics and good posture


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