BlackBird - Mini-MBA for Finance in Marbella (Spain)

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Finance is a core process/function in business that requires executive attention. Accounting is the language of business; understanding and applying this language to your business in general remains the single most valuable competence of management. Professionals need to enhance their personal competence in identifying best practices in finance and in accounting, to benchmark financial and analytical skills in a complex and changing environment.


Mini-MBA for Finance Course Objectives

  1.  Identify best practices for the roles of CFO, controller, treasurer, and accountants in the content of, and relationships between, financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows)
  2. Discuss best practices in the use of financial statements to evaluate the financial/strategic performance of an organization
  3. Understand best practices in discounted cash flow (DCF) techniques and their application to financial decision-making
  4. Identify best practices in corporate performance management using key success factors, weak financial signals, and strong financial signals in various industry sectors
  5. Understand best practices in how EVA (Economic Value Added), SVA (Shareholder Value Added), and RI (Residual Income) can be used to value competing strategies
  6. Define best practices in the value creation/destruction process in mergers and acquisitions from the market perspective and signals to management from the market
  7. Clarify best practices in the roles of directors, auditors, and others in their respective roles in corporate governance
  8. Identify best practices in the various sources of financial and business data that provide insights into business and financial strategies
  9. Identify best practices in the details of financial control, risk management, and financial reporting from the perspectives of the internationally recognized professional associations


Course Outlines of Mini-MBA for Finance


Best Practices in Early Review and Projections of Strategy via Financial Statements


Best Practices in Annual Reports, Footnotes, and Corporate Governance


Best Practices in Industry/Financial Analysis and Balancing the Scorecard


Best Practices in Net Present Value Thinking and Next Generation Financial Modeling



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