BlackBird - Mini-MBA for Accounting in Manama (Bahrain)

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The course includes a comprehensive illustration of how accounting information is collected, recorded, analyzed and presented both internally and externally, to support effective management, control, and decision making.  The course offers insights into the main factors that are essential to the successful financial management of corporations, including the efficient allocation of resources, within the economic, competitive, and physical environment. The course will also put emphasis on the importance of good quality corporate governance and management of financial risks.


Course Objectives of Mini-MBA for Accounting


Course Outlines of Mini-MBA for Accounting


Introduction to Accounting


Accounting Reports


Management Accounting for Control and Decision-Making


Communicating the Plan Through Budgeting


Measuring Performance to Inform Decision Making


Finance and Financial Information


Financing the Business and Capital Structure


CAPEX - Analysis of Investment Decisions


Financial Risk Management


Corporate Governance



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