BlackBird - Fraud Prevention - The Complete Programme in Rome (Italy)

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This Fraud Prevention training course provides an overview of several types of financial fraud, including loan fraud, insurance fraud and investment fraud. The course explains each offence, highlights certain red flags that should raise concerns and explains how these concerns should be escalated to the compliance department.


Course Objectives


 Course Outlines

Fraud Risks

  Case Histories
  Evaluating the Fraud Risks


 The IT Fraud Risks

   Identity Fraud
  The Risk of Corruption


Developing a Fraud Prevention Process

    Fraud Mitigation
  Procurement Fraud
    Fraud Indicators
    Implementing a Best Practice Fraud Prevention Process



   The Link between Fraud Prevention and Detection

    Aiming for a Cost-effective Balance between Prevention and Detection
   The Assurance Role regarding Fraud
   Use of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT’s)



Fraud Detection and Legal Issue

  Data Mining as a Fraud Detection Tool
The Legal Aspects



Fraud Investigation

   Managing the Investigation
 Interviewing Suspects and Witnesses
Communicating the Results


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