BlackBird - Corporate Governance Principles, Policies & Best Practices in Jul 2020

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Corporate governance is a key topic that has recently started attracting more attention in business schools and among legislatures, with this trend only increasing. While there are different models for corporate governance, all of them aim at organizing the relation between company and stakeholders. Governance models start with Shareholder Wealth Maximization (SWM) that stresses owners rights, as applied mainly in the US and UK. Other methods of governance, applied in Germany or Japan for example, bring other stakeholders, such as the workforce and bankers strongly into play. In addition to these models, this course also covers the reasons why board membership may be one tier or two tiers and includes discussions about board structure, committees, their functions and duties, the audit committee and the appointment and remuneration committee. Other topics discussed are the role of the chairman and the effect of institutional investors.


Course Objectives of Corporate Governance Principles, Policies and Best Practices


Course Outlines of Corporate Governance Principles, Policies and Best Practices

Day 1:

Overview of Corporate Governance (CG)

Day 2:

Models and mechanism of CG

Day 3:

Stakeholders in corporate governance

Day 4:

Functions and structures of corporate governance

Day 5

Practical corporate governance best practices

Disclosure and transparency



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