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Training Course: Documents and Record Control master class

Master your expertise in document control at any organization
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REF: IT3157

DATES: 8 - 19 Dec 2019

CITY: Dubai

FEE: 3750 €

Course Introduction

A document management system is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents. It is usually capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users. The term has some overlap with the concepts of content management systems. It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content management systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems. This course shows participants how to deal with documents in an electronic way to get rid of the papers hard copy which takes a lot of space and time.

Course Objectives of Documents and Record Control

  • Managing/controlling documents, including folders and forms reduce document distribution costs –no more paper
  • Distributing and view documents costs –no more paper
  • Scanning, OC, indexing and archiving paper documents
  • Automating other office functions that involve work flows and electronic mail
  • Addressing requirements of ISO 9000 and other regulatory agencies
  • Understanding different technologies involved in EDMS
  • Managing EDMS projects and justify ROI
  • Getting hands-on training on some EDMS products
  • Evaluating merging standards

Course Outlines of Documents and Record Control

Day 1

  • The changing information landscape
  • The digital challenge
  • Information management in the digital age
  • The need for EDMS and EDRMS
  • Differences between document and records management

Day 2

  • EDMS or EDRMS for your organisation? Bespoke Assessment based on business activites
  • EDMS/EDRMS within the context of Information Risk
  • ISO 9000 & others Regulatory Requirements
  • Functional difference between EDMS and EDRMS
  • Implementing EDMS/EDRMSChange Management as part of implementation

Day 3

  • Types of document and records management systems
  • Implementing EDMS/EDRMS: strategies and policies
  • Change management as part of implementation
  • Tangiable benefits of EDRMS implementation 
  • Technology options

Day 4

  • Off – the-shelf vs. customs systems
  • Allocating resources: who needs to be involved for successful roll out?
  • Authoring SystemsCard/folio based systems and scanning functionaities
  • Updating and data migration between systems
  • Data handling and digital continuity within the context of EDMS/EDRMS

Day 5

  • Demonstration of a live EDRMS system
  • Carrying our business activities in a EDRMS system
  • Practical issues in EDRMS use

Day 6

  • Documents on demand: a new model for document management
  • Comparaison of on demand / on premise models for document management
  • Multimedia documents
  • Extracting information from documents: a computer vision approach
  • Managing compound documents

Day 7

  • Workflow and document management
  • Business process management - an overview 
  • Intelligent business process management & document interaction
  • An example: implementation alternatives of a vacation workflow 
  • Top content management software products

Day 8

    • Document security - authentication, authorization, and audit
    • Document security - digital right management perspective
  • Digital signatures
  • Document retrieval
  • Automatic document categorization 

Day 9

  • Design guidelines for document imaging implementation 
  • Overview of scanner technologies
  • Document capture softwares
  • Image enhancement techniques & benefits
  • Document quality metrics

Day 10

  • Central management of distributed document-centric processes
  • Document viewers & right-based annotation capabilities 
  • Improving document security with biometric right management

Training Course: Documents and Record Control master class

Master your expertise in document control at any organization

REF: IT3157

DATES: 8 - 19 Dec 2019

CITY: Dubai

FEE: 3750 €