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Our Smart Courses are designed to give you the same quality at a lower rate. The only difference is flexibility& variety. Our S-Courses have got fixed titles, locations and dates. Take a look at our upcoming Calendar and let us we can help you.

Important Note:

This discount will not affect the quality of our course i.e. the training venue, the trainer and the material remain at our high-quality level

Smart courses 2021 Agenda


3700 € 1,900 €


4400 € 2700 €


2700 € 1400 €


2700 € 1500 €
11 Apr 2021 Certified Problem solving The Advanced Strategies in Organizing & Team Building Stress & Time Management for Managers Report Writing & Communication Skills for Managers
16 May 2021 Treasury & Cash Management for Professionals Spreadsheet Skills for Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting Mini-MBA for Finance Advanced Financial Statements Analysis
25 Jul 2021 The A - Z of Warehouse Management Strategic Human Resources for HR Professionals Improving Manpower Planning & Training Management Women's Leadership in Workplace
15 Aug 2021 Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Leaders Strategic Planning & Operational Crisis Management The Advanced Strategies of New Manager / Leader The Art of Supervisory Leadership
12 Sep 2021 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) & Updates Improving Patient Experience & Involvement Contract Management for Non-Legal Professionals Effective Quality Assurance & Control - QA/QC
17 Oct 2021 Creativity & The 6 Thinking Hats The Advanced Strategies in Facility Management Emotional Intelligence for Managers Measure What Matters
21 Nov 2021 The Essentials of Project Manager Skills Women's Leadership in Workplace The A - Z of Budgeting Housekeeping Supervisor Professional
27 Dec 2021 The American Integrated Approach for Developing Sales Channels Professional Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) CHANGE MANAGEMENT FOR LEADERS AND MANAGERS CERTIFIED LEADING MANAGER
29 Dec 2021 The A - Z of Budgeting Principles of Accounting & Finance International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) & Updates Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Early birds’ registration, 2 months before the start date, are eligible for 10% discount

Annual Conferences

Cairo 14 Feb 2021 Crisis & Conflict Management 1400 €
Istanbul 14 March 2021 The Turkish Experience Pandemic Management 1900 €
London 12 April 2021 Professional Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) 2700 €

The language of the conference is English/Arabic relevant to the nationality of the speaker

Early birds’ registration, 2 months before the start date, are eligible for 10% discount