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Training Course: Mini-MBA in Sales Management

Boost your career and knowledge through such a programme in Sales and Sales Management
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REF: CC3281

DATES: 18 - 29 Oct 2020

CITY: Dubai (UAE)

FEE: 4000 €


Achieving outstanding sales results in an increasingly competitive world is a difficult task. Only by establishing a modern sales force management system and by training sales management personnel effectively, can today’s firm compete in this field. This Sales Manager course provides frontline sales managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to drive bottom line performance. It focuses on improving organization and forecasting skills, as well as other technical competencies aimed at guiding salespeople towards higher performance.


Course Objectives of Mini-MBA in Sales Management

  • Identify and adopt the right professional selling behaviors and skills needed to maximize sales performance
  • Develop critical self-driven practices to optimize personal and business effectiveness and efficiency
  • Master and implement the sales process to successfully handle objections and close more deals
  • Manage customer expectations and exceed it to gain customer loyalty and generate repeat business
  • Master the art of verbal and non-verbal communication to create an atmosphere of respect and trust in the seller-buyer interface 
  • Demonstrate traits of an excellent sales manager facing modern market challenges
  • Design and deliver sales strategies, organize sales territories, and use different forecasting models to optimize sales results
  • Employ and train the sales team to generate increased sales and profits
  • Conduct sales coaching and counseling sessions effectively
  • Project leadership and team building abilities to improve sales and retain people
  • Carry out productive sales performance reviews and use a wide array of sales performance evaluation models


Course Outlines of Mini-MBA in Sales Management


The changing business environment

  • The evolution of personal selling
  • The new sales competencies
  • Behaviors, characteristics and skills of a successful salesperson
  • Personal selling profile (self-assessment instrument)


Preparation and self-organization

  • Targets from a sales perspective
  • Personal management
  • Time management for salespeople
  • Understanding the psychology of selling


Mastering the sales process: from initiation to post-sales

  • Prospecting and Qualification:
  • The vital importance of prospecting
  • Setting your ideal customer profile
  • Understanding the sales funnel
    • Pre-approach:
      • How to conduct effective competitive analysis
        • Neutralize or offsetting perceived competitor's advantages
        • Working your company's strengths against competitors' weaknesses
        • Presenting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
        • Finding and sharing the Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
    • Approach:
      • Creating a positive first impression
      • The art of breaking the ice
      • Researching and simulating sales solutions   
    • Presentation:
      • The presentation mix
      • The fundamentals of powerful sales presentations
    • Handling objections:
      • Reasons of customer objections
      • Dealing with sales objections  
    • Closing:
      • Reading the buying signals
      • Types of closing techniques
    • Follow up and retention:
      • Handling customer complaints
      • Essentials of relationship management  


Professional Behavior with Customers

  • The power of behavior
  • Principles of effective behavior
  • How to behave professionally with the customer
  • Verbal and non-verbal components of communication styles


Sales Management and the Marketing Mix

  • Sales management defined
  • Sales management functions
  • The position of personal selling in the marketing mix
  • The sales competency model
  • Major mistakes sales managers make


Planning, Strategy and Organization

  • Sales Planning Fundamentals
    • Sales forecasting techniques
    • Formulating sales strategies
    • Swot analysis
    • Organizing the SalesForce
      • Structuring and deploying the sales force
      • Territory design, allocation, and management
      • The build-up and breakdown (territory design models)
      • Key account management: Best practices
      • Account analysis methods


Sales Management Capstone Competencies

  • The recruitment of a sales force
    • Determining the number of salespeople (models)
    • Recruiting and staffing of a sales force
    • Training and coaching the sales force
      • Developing and conducting a sales training program
      • The field training process


Team Leadership and Motivation

  • The sales coaching process
  • Leadership principles and skills
  • Situational leadership
  • Motivation guidelines and principles
  • The motivation mix


Sales Performance Management

  • The critical importance of setting standards
  • Types of standards
  • Qualitative and quantitative measures of performance
  • Sales evaluation models



Training Course: Mini-MBA in Sales Management

Boost your career and knowledge through such a programme in Sales and Sales Management

REF: CC3281

DATES: 18 - 29 Oct 2020

CITY: Dubai (UAE)

FEE: 4000 €