Hospital Management

Training Course: Hospital Management and Administration (MHA)

Learn and discuss all you need about hospital management with practical visits to a hospital
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REF: HM3294

DATES: 13 - 24 Dec 2020

CITY: Istanbul (Turkey)

FEE: 7200 €


This training course helps participants to advance their career in medical administration. They'll gain a firm grasp of medical and scientific terms used day-to-day in hospitals, GP surgeries and other medical settings. In this course, participants will gain the skills to communicate effectively and manage staff, processes and healthcare resources at all levels.

* Important note: Course registration in Istanbul for 3 people or more, we guarantee 3-day site-visit to one public & one private prestigious hospitals


Course Objectives of Hospital Management and Administration (MHA)

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities to be followed by management and administration
  • Being familiar with skills and knowledge needed for general administration staff
  • Appropriate training for leaders, supervisors and managers in the hospital departments
  • Discussing current health care delivery system as it relates to the economics, accessibility and overall health of the population


Course Outlines of Hospital Management and Administration (MHA)

Day 1

Management & Organizations

  • Defining the organizations and healthcare organizations
  • Defining management
    • Identifying the professional manager
    • What do professional managers do in hospitals?
    • Professional managers and business ethics in the medical sector
  • Defining management in healthcare organizations
  • Factors which impact the management function
  • Essential managerial functions
  • The 6 steps in planning effectively

* Note: At the end of day 1, BlackBird Training will arrange the exact days/dates/time/transportations of the hospital visits.

Day 2

Management, Motivation & Leadership

  • Defining leadership at the hospital levels
  • Differences between leaders and managers
  • The 6 levels of leadership
  • Leadership characteristics and habits of professional managers
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Best practices in hospitals management and leadership
  • Defining motivation and the need for it in hospitals
  • Key motivational theories professional managers should be aware of
  • Leading towards a motivated work environment
  • Motivating a multi-cultural workforce in healthcare systems

Day 3

Time management challenges & assessment

  • Definition of time management and its criticality in the hospital
  • Time management challenges in healthcare workplaces
  • Modern time management
  • Major time wasters
    • Self-imposed time wasters
    • System-imposed wasters
    • Time management assessment

Day 4

Management in hospitals

  • Challenges of health and hospital administration in the new millennium
  • Administration of hospital services
  • Administration of out-patient services
  • Administration of hospital departments
    • Nursing services
    • Ward administration
    • Administration of operation theaters
    • Material management (nutrition, x-ray, lab, pharmacy, etc...)
    • Records management

Day 5

Quality Management in Hospitals

  • Quality Control (QC)
  • Doctor/Nurse patient relationship from QC perspective
  • Doctors and consumer protection act
  • Performance feedback

Day 6

Hospital Management and Private Practice

  • Promoting health through hospitals
  • Reproductive and child health services
  • Referral systems
  • Hospital administration during disaster

Days 7 - 8 - 9 

Field visit to 2 hospitals (1 private & 1 public) and hands on practice for healthcare management in hospital

  • Meeting with the founder/managers/head of nursing to discuss their way of work & its rational
  • Observing day-to-day responsibilities such as managing human resources, allocating budgets and other financial resources, submitting reports, and maintaining and managing IT systems and databases, coordinating with doctors, physicians, nurses, surgeons, health information technicians, pharmacists, and other professionals to ensure patient quality care, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  • Understanding the roles with regard to making policy decision, overseeing patient care, budgeting and accounting, marketing, and driving policy impacting and technology innovations in the hospital.
  • Being familiar with the role serving as a mediator between goals, strategies, and the day-to-day activities.
  • Depending on the availability, the field visits and training will be made to JCI accredited A hospitals

Day 10

Review and Closing Workshop

  • Lessons learned from the visits and from the training programme in general
  • How to apply it to your work; what works and doesn’t? And Why?
  • Discuss success stories as well as failure stories
  • Review modern IT application in hospitals


Training Course: Hospital Management and Administration (MHA)

Learn and discuss all you need about hospital management with practical visits to a hospital

REF: HM3294

DATES: 13 - 24 Dec 2020

CITY: Istanbul (Turkey)

FEE: 7200 €